Yippee Cayenne Honey Throat Lozenges


FREE SHIPPING on all orders $100 and over! Yippee Cayenne Throat Lozenges are the perfect mix of sweet and spicy that will loosen up your sinuses so you can breathe, as well as soothe a raw, scratchy throat. Great for cold and flu season, pollen season, dust season, cat season…any kind of season that causes you respiratory discomfort.

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When you have a cough or a sore throat, honey is a great remedy. What’s even better is honey mixed with a little cayenne pepper to loosen up your sinuses and lungs and provide a soothing tingle to a raw, scratchy throat that is sore from coughing and inflammation. Even if you don’t have a sore throat, these lozenges are really tasty as a sweet-and-spicy pick-me-up throughout your day. We absolutely love to snack on Yippee Cayenne throat lozenges.

Besides a food sweetener, what is honey good for? Dr. Mercola says that there are many benefits of raw, local honey that include but are not limited to allergy relief, boosting energy levels, as a cough medicine, as a scalp treatment, and treating wounds. The medicinal properties of honey are well-known and are as ancient as human history.

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