Honey Sticks


Honey sticks are a delicious, portable treat. A single honey stick contains about one teaspoon of honey. It’s a perfect snack for when you want something sweet and light. They’re especially great as fun toppings for desserts such as ice cream and pie. It also is super portable as a quick fix for diabetics with low blood sugar.

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Honey sticks are a delicious, portable treat. These will quickly become your favorite snack! Honey sticks are made with US Grade A honey using natural and artificial flavors and coloring. Honey sticks contain about a teaspoon of honey. You can cut one end of the honey stick and drink it, or you can cut both ends and use it as a flavorful stirring stick in a beverage. They’re also fun to drizzle on top of desserts such as ice cream and pie. Keep some in a purse, glovebox, or backpack for the times when a diabetic’s blood sugar decreases and needs to be rebalanced. Honey sticks are great for children’s snacks and adults love them too. People who exercise use them for energy. They are easy to carry and use as you need them. Buy honey sticks in packs of 10 or in bulk for your family, workplace, or business.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 1 × .5 × 6.5 in

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