Florida Wild Flower Honey


Wildflower honey is a robust-tasting honey that is great for baking, barbecuing, and in sauces. It also helps with allergies during the time it was extracted.


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Wild Flower honey is gathered during different times per year. It truly is a “wild honey” that people are looking for to assist with allergies and honey for a cough. The wildflower honey will vary in taste and color according to the amount of moisture, and temperatures the plants have received. Wildflower honey is like a good wine, the taste will vary from year to year. The taste of the wildflower is more robust than that of other honey found in Florida. People looking for honey to cook with enjoy using the darker honey. Black honey is often sought by culinary professionals when sweeting their recipes. The darker the honey the better it is to use in BBQ sauces. The health benefits of our wildflower honey are to help alleviate allergies that occur during the season during the honey is extracted.

Besides a food sweetener, what is honey good for? Dr. Mercola says that there are many benefits of raw, local honey that include but are not limited to allergy relief, boosting energy levels, as a cough medicine, as a scalp treatment, and treating wounds. The medicinal properties of honey are well-known and are as ancient as human history.

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