Florida Orange Blossom Honey


Orange blossom honey is a sweet citrusy-tasting honey. This honey is good for coughs, especially if you have allergies.


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Orange blossom honey comes from the nectar our bees gather from Florida orange blossoms. You can’t get more direct and healthy than this. The health benefits of Florida orange blossom honey are helpful in reducing allergies to plants blooming at the same time of year as the orange blossom. The taste of Florida orange blossom honey is clean, light, and citrusy. Buy Allisons’ Apiaries orange blossom honey and get a flowery, Florida citrus taste in your tea, on toast, in recipes, or any other way you enjoy the sweet taste of nature’s perfect sugar. The benefits of raw honey are a reduction of allergies, as well as a topical treatment of wounds. Put some raw honey on a wound and cover it with a bandage and the wound will heal much more quickly.

Besides a food sweetener, what is honey good for? Dr. Mercola says that there are many benefits of raw, local honey that include but are not limited to allergy relief, boosting energy levels, as a cough medicine, as a scalp treatment, and treating wounds. The medicinal properties of honey are well-known and are as ancient as human history.

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