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Buy Allisons’ Apiaries bee pollen if you suffer from allergies or asthma. An oral dose of pollen regularly can help to alleviate respiratory “hay fevers” and other bad reactions to local floral pollens. Pollen also contains beneficial nutrients.

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Bees gather pollen and store it in the hive as a source of nutrition, especially protein. They roll it into granules using sugar and enzymes (honey and nectar) through a fermentation process. Bee pollen has been shown to be effective in treating symptoms of prostate swelling and cancer. It is also an effective treatment for local allergies and hay fever symptoms when the flowers that produce these pollens are present in the air.

You can put pollen into something that you are going to eat, such as a smoothie, cold salad, or cold cereal. However, do not heat up pollen. Heating pollen will remove any of the benefits it would have for your body.

Pollen is sweet, so you can also eat pollen “straight up”. Or, you can put pollen in a small cup, fill your mouth with water, add the pollen, swish and swallow. Some people describe eating pollen as “eating Grape-Nuts on steroids.”

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