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The following statements were collected from our Winter Garden Farmers Market booth visitors through a survey we asked them to fill out.

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The more reviews we have, the more customers we’ll have and the more beehives we can establish. That’s good for the bees and it’s essential for the environment and our food supply. Without the bees, a great portion of our flowers and food crops could never be pollinated. Thank you!

Customer Reviews


Even though we have plenty of local honey here in Wisconsin, I have really enjoyed the Orange Blossom, Wildflower and Orange Blossom/Blackberry honey ...

Linda Vanderspool, Ocoee


Great tasting honey! I love how it’s all natural and I feel great feeding this to my family!...

Julie Sorenson, Ocoee


I have tried several varieties of honey from Allisons’ Apiaries and love them all! Great products!...

Jenn B, Ocoee


BEST honey kidding, I have to hide the Orange Blossom Ruby Red from my family if I want any for myself! I love knowing exactly where my...

Shannon Watson, Ocoee


Maria Dahle, Ocoee

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Below are examples of the great feedback we get from people who visit our booth at Winter Garden Farmers Market.

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I always visit Allison’s Apiaries for my honey, Pan dour for my bread, the the fresh market for produce and other food items Lisa

Perfect! Brent

We love your honey! We always stop by when we’re here. Alicia

Great prices. Beckie

Delicious honey! Brandon

I love the honey. Joseph

Favorite honey! Daisy

You are neat! It’s Good. Daniel

Awesome products! Ty

Love the honey sticks! Great Deals! Mackenzie M

You guys are so cool! Kathy

I love it all!! Demetri

Glad I stopped by the Allisons’ Apiaries Honey stand. Super nice!! Lyndsey

Super friendly, fantastically informative. Joseph

Delicious honey that tastes natural with no crap in it. So good! Jason

You have a quality of product, which is valuable. Jennifer

Great flavors. Barbara

Yummy! Fiana

I love the array of honey choices. Justin O.

Great options. Clied F.

This honey is amazing! Chris T.

Holly is delicious and the staff are incredibly friendly. Tiffany C.

Great honey stix! Christie Smith

This honey is great. George

Great salesmanship. Paign

First time customer. You are great!! José

I love it. Diana

Huge variety of honey and related foods. Stefan

Learned a lot! Very informative. Amy

Extremely friendly and informative. Madilyn

Great people. Jason

Very helpful and informative. Charlotte

Best honey around! A must stop every time. Mary

You guys are wonderful. Katrina

I love your honey sticks! mehari

Great people-Great honey! Katie

Allisons’ Apiaries has the best local honey! Talon

Fabulous, great way to support local small business. Jacqui

Great local honey & great customer service. Doug

The best honey! Christine

They saved my bees! Valerie

Best honey in town! Brian

Delicious honey from Allison’s Apiaries Kenny Blair

Friendly and knowledgeable. Karen

Very polite and very helpful. Tyler

I recommend the orange blossom! Mitchell

You are amazing! Emily

Easy to talk with. Denise

Great service—friendly smiles. Tori

Awesome. Dwayne

Allisons’ Apiaries have a healthy source of honey at great quality. Product is always delicious. Emily

Allison’s Apiaries brings me back for their amazing honey and customer service Brance

My favorite things at the farmers market are Allisons’ Apiaries honey sticks. Kosianski S.

Very kind and helpful. Bruce Y.

You guys are the best and bring the best to the people. Wanda D.C.

Always great to buy local. Annie R.

The kids love the honey sticks and one climbing tree, also love the fountains to play in!

Amber Smith

Amazing honey. Jennifer

Great products. Broderick

Great variety! Garrett

The products are quality. Jonathan


Very friendly and helpful. Brittnee

Great product and friendly staff. Aaron

Great quality of honey. Tanya

Excellent—yummy honey. Aida

Always AMAZING! Joe

All products are amazing. Sharm

Love it! Penny

The samples are delicious! Thank you! Clara

Orange blossom is my favorite. Andrea

Love Local! Amazing! Lots of variety. Julie

Dang good honey! David

Great honey. Nara

Wonderful local honey—tastes great! Luke

Allison’s Apiaries – it is the BEST honey! I use it daily! Karen Hosier

Amazing people! Health and focus on environment is neat. Sharon

Some of the best-tasting honey. Sonia

Great honey! 🙂 Amanda

Good variety. John

The honey is amazing. Allison

Always great. Gail

Very approachable. Angela

Allison’s Apiaries has the best local honey! Talon Stienhener

The best honey in town. Briana R.

He’s awesome! I like the honey. Brian S.

Great honey sticks. Christine S.

Great selection. Jill M.

Different and interesting honey flavors. Anonymous

Top! Super! Ann

I love it! Amelia

Really nice people and it’s great variety, Jadis

Delicious honey. Rachel

Yummy honey. Phillip

Wonderful information and service. Brian

Awesome. Darlene

Killer market. Karen

I come here just for the honey. SERIOUSLY. Alyssa

Amazing service. Josie

It’s very family friendly. Franchesca

Their honey products are the best. My family loves it! Wanda

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