Raw Wildflower Honey’s Most Surprising Benefits (Beekeeper Approved)

Some of the benefits of Raw Wildflower Honey may shock you! In this article, I will tell you about how it is much more than just another natural sweetener.

Allison's Apiaries Raw Wildflower Honey
Allison’s Apiaries Raw Wildflower Honey

What Is Wildflower Honey?

Wildflower honey is a light and slightly fruity flavored honey. Bees make it out of pollen from a wild variety of flowers. Because of the variety of different flowers the bees use, the honey may slightly vary in flavor and color from season to season.

Because none of the flowers are purposely cultivated, wildflower honey is the closest thing to wild honey. When our ancestors found a hive full of honey, it likely would have been considered wildflower.

However, this honey may vary based on region far more than any other honey on the market. This is because different places in the country, even in the world, will have different plants and flowers. Since the bees use what is near them, the honey flavor usually will be very different in New York vs Florida.

But just because it varies doesn’t mean that you won’t have a similar flavor every year. If you buy honey from the same region and the same beekeeper, it will be very close to other harvests even year over year.

If you find a region of wildflower honey that you love, don’t be afraid to order it even if you moved to the other side of the country. Although it may not have all of the local pollens, it still may benefit your allergies. Regardless, it will still taste just as good!

What Are The Benefits of Wildflower Honey?

Wildflower honey is a powerful skin moisturizer and can even help your allergies get better. No only that, but it can be a natural alternative to processed cane and beet sugar.

Nutritional Benefits

It contains nutrients, minerals and enzymes that improve digestion, raise metabolic rates and antioxidants to help you fight inflammation. It contains the trace amounts of glucose oxidase, catalase, ascorbic acid, flavonoids, and selenium. Not only do these components support a healthy lifestyle but, unlike sugar, honey actually helps your body digest it.

Improves Coughs

Honey can actually be used to improve coughs. Unlike dextromethorphan, honey has no side effects, risk of abuse and may actually be more effective.

In a study of 105 children, the American Family Physician found that honey had the greatest improvement when compared to placebo and dextromethorphan groups.

Wild Flower Honey Skin Benefits

Honey is a powerful skin moisturizer making it a wonderful solution to dry skin. This will lead to a radiant appearance. It can also help your body get rid of scaring and burns because its anti-inflammatory.

Raw Wildflower Honey For Allergies

Raw honey of any variety is great for allergies. Why? Because raw honey has pollen that usually is responsible for environmental allergies. However, raw honey doesn’t have enough to make you sick! It’s totally safe to eat, even when you have seasonal allergies. But the same amount of pollen that raw honey does have in it, will help desensitize your body to those allergies.

Raw wildflower honey may be the best for allergies! Wildflower honey has a wide variety of different pollens. This is an advantage most honeys will never have. However, this give you a tiny bit of exposure to several allergens at once. It seems to have natural anti-histamine properties which may provide most of honey’s seasonal allergy relief.

Wildflower Honey Color

Unlike most kinds of honey, wildflower honey doesn’t really look orange or brown. It usually has a much more yellow color with, sometimes, light brown undertones. However, several beekeepers will actually make a blend of wildflower honeys.

They will use honey from all over the place to make a uniform flavor. Unfortunately, this gets rid of the honeys natural, wonderful color. This usually results in a darker honey than what Allison’s Apiaries makes.

Wildflower Honey Taste and Fragrance

Wildflower honey is very sweet, light colored with a lightly floral flavor. It is one of the most mild flavors in any type of honey. Because of that, it is one of the best honeys for honey butter, glazes, and toppings.

Is Wildflower Honey Healthy?

Wildflower honey is a healthier alternative to sugar.

While honey is a sweetener, raw wildflower honey is a much better option than sugar. It is natural, unprocessed and, unlike sugar, not just full of empty calories. If you choose raw wildflower honey it is even better than that processed honey. This preserves some of the best parts of honey for you.

Wildflower Honey Ingredients

Ideally, it should only contain unpasteurized honey made from wildflowers. Some manufactures will dilute their honey with corn syrup. That is unfortunate, especially because corn syrup doesn’t have the health benefits of honey.

Calories and Nutrition In Wildflower Honey

There are 70 calories, 17 grams of carbohydrate and 16 grams of sugar in one tablespoon of wildflower honey.

How Is Wildflower Honey Harvested?

Wildflower honey is harvested similarly to other types of honey. The biggest difference is where the bees are located and the types of flower pollen they use. This is a several step process I will describe below.

A beekeeper must remove the outer and inner covers of the hive, inspect the frame, add fume to make the bees move to a different part of the hive, move the frame to a honey house, heat and dehumidify the frames for a couple of days, make sure the moisture is at the right level, remove the wax cap, load the prepared frame into the mechanical honey extractor, run the extracting process for several minutes, remove the extracted frames from the extractor, empty the extractor sump, let the honey flow into the collection container, filter the honey, grade, bottle, and finally sell the honey.

Can I Have Wildflower Honey During Pregnancy?

Raw honey is considered to be safe during pregnancy. Although, out of an abundance of cation, some people discourage eating raw honey while pregnant, it should be perfectly fine, especial in small qualities.

Can You Use Wildflower Honey For Mead?

Of course! In fact, raw wildflower honey is the best for making mead. Since it is unprocessed and uncultivated, it should perfectly match what people would have used to make mead during the medieval era.

Should I Use It On Ham?

Wildflower honey is perfect on ham! It makes a delicious ham for Thanksgiving or any other meal time. Because of it’s light flavor, it completes the ham better than just about any other honey. And it pours on easily and stays well on the top of the ham.

Try mixing it with brown sugar and pineapple juice for a brine unlike any other!

Should I Use It On Turkey?

Just as with ham, wildflower honey goes well on turkey. You can use it on a baked turkey breast to sweeten it up.

Where To Buy Local Raw Wildflower Honey In Florida?

We are incredibly biased but Allison’s Apiaries Raw Wild Flower honey is one of the best honeys I have ever tasted in my whole entire life. Even when I lived outside of Florida, I still had Paul send me bottles of it every year. It is just that plain delicious. It is completely undiluted. He doesn’t mix it with other honeys or additives. It is as natural as it gets. Completely raw and only cultivated locally in the Central Florida Area.

So why not go ahead and try it today? You will certainly be glad that you did!


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