Cold Remedy Made with Honey

Honey Tea Cold Remedy - Photo by Angello Lopez on Unsplash

Viral colds and coughs don’t stand a chance against this honey-based cold remedy. When you drink this cold remedy tea made with raw honey, you’ll be feeding your body just what it needs to strengthen immune system resistance to further viral growth and infection.

How Does the Queen Bee Control the Hive?

Queen bee with attendants on a honeycomb

A queen bee starts as any other bee, but quickly ascends to her “throne” through a complex process of feeding, eliminating rivals, and taking control of the hive.

Do Bees Eat Honey?

A person holds a honey comb from a beehive.

Not only do bees eat honey they produce in the hive, they love it! Honey is their main food source, so they store and seal it carefully in the hexagonal cells of the honeycomb of the hive for consuming. Bees eat honey in both times of plenty and times of scarcity.

How Do Bees Care for Their Young?

A beekeeper holds a brood frame horizontally after removing it from a hive

As a platform for how bees care for their young, the beehive is an incredibly complex and delicate ecosystem requiring numerous inputs and outputs for the brood to survive. This includes mixing and providing an exactly correct solution of nutrition for each stage of bee brood development, including for a new queen.

Can A Beehive Get Too Hot or Too Cold?

Beehive temperature - Thermometer in the foreground with bright sun and blue sky with clouds in the background

If a beehive gets too hot, the bee brood dies and the honey gets dehydrated too quickly. If a beehive gets too cold, broods die off and the nectar cannot dehydrate fast enough to make honey. Ninety-five degrees is the exact right temperature for a hive.

Grilled Mullet with Hot Mango-Honey Sauce

Grilled Mullet with Hot Mango Honey Sauce recipe

This grilled mullet recipe adds the sweet zip of hot mango-honey sauce. There’s no better honey to use in this recipe than pure Central Florida honey from Allisons’ Apiaries.

Strawberry and Pecan Salad with Honey Dressing

Strawberry and Pecan Salad with Honey Dressing

Looking to add a bit of sweet and nutty flavor to a salad? Using Allisons’ Apiaries zesty-sweet Florida orange blossom honey or orange blossom blackberry honey with this salad dressing recipe will make an otherwise dull salad into something you’ll crave!

Honey Orange Glazed Florida Grouper

Honey Orange Glazed Florida Grouper

You can’t get more “Florida” with your cuisine than honey orange glazed grouper. Give this recipe a spin and let us know how it turned out.

Florida Honey and Citrus Glazed Chicken Skewers

Florida Honey and Citrus Glazed Chicken Skewers

Whether you’re preparing these as an appetizer or as a main dish, these tangy chicken skewers when made with raw Florida honey are sure to please! Create this recipe with any of Allisons’ Apiaries honey varieties.

Health and Honey: How Can You Benefit from Nature’s Perfect Food?

Honey has amazing health and medicinal benefits.

As Mary Poppins would say, “Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.” Well, isn’t it awesome that, in the case of raw, natural honey that Allisons’ Apiaries sells, the sugar IS the medicine! At some point in the relatively short history of humankind, a cave-dwelling homo sapiens (or maybe even a Neanderthal) … Read more

How Long Does Honey Last?

Honey never goes bad! It is also the only food that includes all substances to sustain life, including water!

Honey never goes bad! It is also the only food that includes all substances to sustain life, including water!

Honey Chocolate Pudding

Honey Chocolate Pudding (Photo Credit: Brooke Lark)

Chocolate pudding is just…chocolate pudding without Allisons’ Natural Honey. Add and experiment with our unique varieties of honey and find out which is your favorite!

The Difference Between Store-Bought Honey and Raw Honey

Honey pot filled with honey and honey dipper covered with honey - Photo by Sonja Langford on Unsplash

Store-bought honey vs. raw honey All honey is the same, isn’t it? You must “bee” joking! There are some pretty big differences between what we produce at Allisons’ Apiaries and what you’ll find on the average supermarket shelf. Where does store-bought honey come from? Did you know that typical store-bought honey can come from almost … Read more