Does Bee Pollen Really Help Relieve Allergies?

Does Bee Pollen Really Help Relieve Allergies?
Can Bee Pollen Help You Feel Better?

When you see a post about bee pollen and allergies, you may assume that they are going to be reading an article all about allergies to bee pollen. However, this article will mostly be about how bee pollen can actually benefit people with allergies. But before discussing that topic, it will briefly touch on allergies to bee pollen.

Is Bee Pollen Actually Good For Allergies?

Yes, through Desensitization, bee pollen can help you get rid of your seasonal allergies within a few days. Understanding the actual reason as to why this is true is quite interesting.

First of all, all readers should understand the difference between pollen and bee pollen. Pollen is a smaller granular part of plants that contains and it actually does cause a lot of allergies.

Plant pollen moves from plant to plant via air currents or by insects like bees. Bee pollen, on the other hand, is different from pollen. The pollen bees take from plants is what we call bee pollen. Then, the worker bees pack the pollen with honey or nectar. Thus, they create bee pollen.

A few people are allergic to this type of pollen. Although bee pollen has great medical benefits, all people who use it should be aware of the possible but rare side effects.

An allergy to the pollen will manifest itself in the following ways: redness, itchiness, or swelling. The allergic reaction is similar to any other allergic reaction. However, for the vast majority of people who are not allergic to bee pollen, it works almost like a wonder drug for allergies.

Bee pollen has a component named quercetin. In humans, quercetin acts like a natural antihistamine. Antihistamines open up a person’s breathing passages so that they can breathe more easily. Therefore, due to this element, bee pollen is perfect for most people with allergies. Read what this study made on bee pollen and allergies indicated – PubMed, U.S. National Library of Medicine

However, the bee pollen should be free from pollutants or other toxins. The only way to ensure that you meet both of these criteria is to buy your bee pollen capsules from a trusted source, like Allison’s Apiaries.

What Types of Allergies Does Bee Pollen Help?

Many of us suffer from allergies, whether it be seasonal or widespread. So people considering the use of bee pollen often wonder: is bee pollen good for allergies?

Spending a summer day with a case of hay fever is never a fun thing to do. And, if you’re like anyone else taking health supplements daily (or considering it), then the addition of bee pollen to your diet could be the solution to your problems!

A person researching health information such as yourself most likely knows how vaccinations work. They expose the human body to an extremely small dose of a disease. The exposure in turn ends up ‘teaching’ the body’s immune system how to properly combat against the disease. Thereby dismantling any threat that it once had.

Now, bee pollen is in no way a vaccination. But the daily consumption of it can have something of a similar affect in regards to allergies you may have due to environmental or dietary conditions.

To be brief, exposure to bee pollen will ignite the production of antibodies. Those antibodies will later combat future allergic reactions that are normally triggered by a substance that is similar to (or actually is) bee pollen. They call this process ‘desensitization.’

The Great Benefits of Taking Bee Pollen For Allergies

Taking bee pollen for allergies has been known to be of significant importance, in addition to the contributions these pollens make for the benefit of the entire body.

The Great Benefits of Taking Bee Pollen
The Great Benefits of Taking Bee Pollen

Civilizations all around the world have been making use of raw bee pollen for several diseases and ailments. Furthermore, the high nutrition content of these pollens also makes it an ideal food for human consumption.

Why Take Bee Pollen For Allergies?

Though the manufacture of bee pollen supplements is not new, the buzz that it has created in the medical community is relatively new.

The reason behind this is the large number of extensive studies and researches that were done on these supplements to confirm their positive effects on the body, and the supplements did prove to be helpful.

Some people have been taking bee pollen for allergies for quite a long time, and the results have proven to be satisfactory. Nowadays, bee pollen supplements help with several allergies and other ailments. These include:

  • Hay fever
  • Hives
  • Rashes
  • Asthma

These are only some of the allergies that can be effectively helped by the consumption of bee pollen supplements. Since the pollens affect the overall body, it is quite difficult to list all the advantages of taking bee pollen regularly.

How To Get Rid of Allergies?

Desensitization is the name of the process which helps you in getting rid of the allergies. Though the original method required the injection of a mixture of pollen and water for some months before the actual season for allergies began, the process has undergone significant changes, and is now simpler as compared to earlier times.

How To Get Rid of Allergies?
How To Get Rid of Allergies?

The new method for desensitization involves taking bee pollen for allergies. This has proven to be very simple, very effective and there is no pain involved. The tablets or capsules have to be ingested orally, and the patients have shown significant improvements.

Other Benefits of Bee Pollen

Help with allergies is only a fraction of the wide array of benefits that are offered by the consumption of these supplements. In addition to these, there are several other advantages. Some of these include:

  • Enhancement of energy and endurance levels
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Enhancing your digestive system
  • Reduced rate of skin-aging
  • Increased libido

Daily Intake of Bee Pollen

The regular intake of bee pollen not only ensures that you get rid of allergies, but also imparts benefits that keep the overall body healthy. However, not all the supplements are created equal, and therefore you need to choose the best among those available.

One of the major reasons behind this is the clean environment of the country, which plays a very important role in the proper and natural harvesting of bee pollen.

The pollen should free from any chemicals or toxic materials that may harm the body. This is also one of the main reasons why health experts from all over the world recommend the intake of bee pollen supplements.

Why Allison’s Apiaries Is The Best Choice

Several other vendors use lower quality bee pollen. Using these can be ineffective for allergies. They may even add toxins to your body instead of making you healthier.

Because of that, we recommend using Allison’s Apiaries Bee Pollen. Paul Allison uses only all natural ingredients from his local bee yards. This is especially beneficial if you live in Central Florida.

If you are looking for the best local, natural bee pollen to help your allergies, check out ours and see the difference it can make in your life! You’ll be glad you did.

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