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What are the benefits of raw Florida holly honey? What makes it different from all the other varieties of honey? Where should I shop for the best bottle of gallberry honey on the market? How does holly honey taste?

Florida holly honey
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What is Holly Honey?

Raw Florida holly honey is a bold variety of honey. It is usually dark in color and a bit thicker than other types of honey, such as orange blossom. It works perfectly as a syrup or a sweetener in lemonade.

The Florida holly bush, also called gallberry, evergreen winterberry or ink berry, is a floral bush whose flowers are especially high in pollen. Native to the state, although it is also found throughout the entire east coast. Native Americans used its leaves to make Appalachian tea. It grows throughout Florida, mostly in wet areas such as swamps, retention pounds and near lakes.

Paul usually harvests the honey at the beginning of the summer, just after the bees have had a chance to gather pollen from the freshly bloomed flowers. This way, he can bottle the best and freshest holly honey for people like you!

Benefits of Raw Florida Holly Honey

Because of its rich antioxidants, Raw Florida Holly Honey is one of the healthiest honeys you can eat.

Usually, the darker a honey is, the more antioxidants it has. Gallberry honey is one of the darkest honeys available. Raw Florida Holly Honey is filled with antioxidants from natural flavonoid compounds. These antioxidants may reduce the risk of developing heart attacks and strokes and benefit eye health.

Gallberry honey contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E and beta-carotene which your body converts to Vitamin A. All of these nutrients are a big part of the reason honey is a great alternative to sugar.

However, for many people, holly honey’s best benefit is its very sweet flavor. Although a bit less sweet than other varieties of honey, it will complement nearly any dish with the sweetness it needs. In fact, sometimes it is the best honey choice, depending on your meal.

If you bake a lot of dishes will honey, holly honey will be a particular benefit to your kitchen. However, you can also use it in sweet recipes or even as a syrup.

Unlike most other varieties of honey, holly honey’s flavor profile becomes more subtle when you use it in a dish. It does not really stand out on its own. Orange blossom and wild flower both retain a stronger taste presence.

What Does Holly Honey Taste Like?

The best way to describe the taste of holly honey is sweet, herbal, smokey and thick.

Unlike several other types of honey, such as orange blossom or ruby red grapefruit, most people will not know the flavor of holly honey. Because bees make honey from the pollen of certain plants, small amounts of that plant will be present in that honey. The holly plant isn’t safe to eat but the honey made from it is perfectly safe for consumption.

Although you may not know how Florida holly tastes, you may know how it smells. It is sort of a floral, herbal sweet smell. If you know that smell, you will notice a small part of it in the gallberry honey.

What Is Holly Honey Good For?

Because of its stronger flavor, it is great for cooking and baking. It can really enhance the flavor of chicken, grouper or even pancakes!

Where other honeys won’t come through, holly honey is the perfect choice. It especially shines in savory dishes where its almost herbal, smokey flavor adds an extra layer of taste. Add it to barbecue sauce for the best honey barbecue you’ve ever had. Or mix it with butter to have honey butter that doesn’t overpower the butter flavor.

Because of the plant’s high pollen count, holly honey is slow to crystallize compared to other honeys. So it’s great to keep in the cabinet or keep on the table, even if you seldom use it. This makes it one of the best shelf stable honeys for storage.

Unlike orange blossom, it almost quietly blends into any flavor while still adding its full sweetness flavor to any dish.

What Color Should Raw Florida Holly Honey Be?

Gallberry honey can vary in color from season to season. It usually is a bit darker than you may expect. It is a reddish brown to a dark yellow color depending on the batch.

Should you be concerned if the color is different?

Probably not. However, if it isn’t Allison’s Apiaries’ Raw Florida Honey, it may be diluted. If the color looks very clear or light, your honey producer may have added corn syrup or other additives to lower their costs.

Paul never provides anything less than the highest quality honey.

We NEVER adds corn syrup or anything at all to our wonderful honey. And we keep it pure, raw and produce it locally. We make the best honey we possibly can.

So if you think you might have lower quality honey, put Allison’s Apiaries to the test. You’ll love every bite of it!

Holly Honey Nutrition

Just like other types of honey, there are 70 calories, 17 grams of carbohydrate and 16 grams of sugar in one tablespoon of raw Florida holly honey.

However, one of the benefits of holly honey is that it isn’t empty calories. It also has small amounts of several minerals and essential vitamins. It even has antioxidants in it!

A quick way to eat healthier without sacrificing flavor is to switch from sugar to raw honey. And sometimes, holly honey’s taste is the best option for you. I always recommend experimenting with different honeys until you find what works best for every usage.

Holly Honey Bees

Holly bushes are wonderful for bees! They produce plenty of pollen to feed them and help them cross pollenate several plants. As bees are so important to the international environmental ecosystem, the declining rate of bees should be concerning to everyone.

Every type of local honeybee can use the pollen in holly bushes to make honey. You don’t need a specific type of bee in order to make holly honey.

If you have holly bushes in your yard, you are helping keep bees alive.

Is Holly Honey Resistant To Honey Fungus?

Honey fungus or armillaria is a serious issue for beekeepers. It causes a type of root disease called white rot. It can actually kill the plants it infects. This destroys precious parts of the ecosystem. It can also make it so that bees do not have the food they need to survive.

The good news is that holly plants are especially resistant to honey fungus. In fact, they are among the most resistant plants. When we grow and let bees feast on the pollen of holly bushes, we are helping preserve bee populations for future generations.

If you are a beekeeper in the right type of climate, you will definitely want to keep some holly bushes near your bee yards.


Now, you know about the uses, benefits, nutrition, taste and color of raw Florida holly honey. You also know why the holly bush is such an important part of the environment. If you follow a few of these tips, you can have wonderful tasting food and help preserve the bee population.

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