What Are The Best Benefits of Bee Pollen?

There are many bee pollen products. However, not all bee pollen, or supplements in general, are equally made. In fact, some older products that used to be sold recently have been taken off the shelf altogether.

Upon further investigation using the internet, some products have had negative feedback. That feedback ranged from being ineffective, to even causing some negative reactions. Therefore, it is not entirely true that health supplement products are completely safe just because they are natural.

There are many ways to see if a product is worth a try. One of the easier ways is by reading the label. For example, one bee pollen product being sold says it contains 5 g of bee pollen. This was aside from the calories, carbohydrates, sugars, and protein.

Not very helpful, is it?

On the other hand, some reputable manufacturers will even say where the bee pollen is sourced from. They usuallyoutline the ingredients according to their class of nutrients or their function. With these superb products, you have an idea of what the product has just by looking at the label.

Be careful with products that do not tell much of anything. As it is, these products probably won’t do much for you either, especially in terms of health benefits.

In contrast, some products even include some information about the manufacturer, with a specific description of the product. Some products even mention all ingredients, including those that are missing, such as artificial fillers and synthetic binders. Such products also show the doses and recommended dosage.

Just from the product label, one can get to the internet and do research to about the ingredients. Or even the product, and the manufacturer itself. Bee pollen products from Florida are the best, if not the only bee pollen product you should bother to try.

Other countries where bee pollen comes from are the USA and China. As such, these countries are heavily industrialized and polluted. Flowers and hives are not exempted from air pollution and the contaminants that are present in the air. In fact, bee pollen products from these sources were found to contain traces of heavy metals and toxins.

Now, no matter how many nutrients bee pollen has, the human body does not need toxic materials such as heavy metals from any substance.

Aside from the brick-and-mortar vitamin shops that sell health supplements, the internet is an alternative source for excellent health products that are sold online by reputable and trustworthy manufacturers.


All one has to do is invest some time investigating and do some comparing.

All in all, bee pollen products are healthy supplements that can provide the needed energy for a person who is constantly fatigued or is requiring additional energy.

Some people can have an allergic reaction to bee pollen, and therefore, care must be taken when taking it. Again, one is advised to see a medical professional before starting a personal supplement program.

Bee pollen is a great addition to make to your diet. It is rich in healthy nutrients that can benefit the human body in many ways. You may be considering taking bee pollen, but learning about some of the distinguishing factors between certain supplement products and others could prove to be useful. You can start by educating yourself on what bee pollen can do for you daily if it exhibits specific qualities.


A quick rundown of bee pollen’s numerous health benefits may refine your decision to purchase some:

– Daily nutrition: You can never go wrong by getting your daily helping of nutrients – vitamins, minerals, enzymes – bee pollen can provide you with them all. Supplements like Allison’s Apiaries Bee Pollen Pollen Energy and some other bee pollen products have over 100 different ingredients that fall under these categories.

– Empowered immune system: If you often find yourself getting sick or are simply concerned about the possibility of it, the vitamin C that bee pollen is packed with can ‘beef up the immune system more than ever. A strong immune system is important for combating illness.

– Faster metabolism: If you have any weight loss goals in mind, bee pollen is well known for speeding up the metabolism, which is a key factor that can contribute to the process of shedding off some pounds.

– Healthier skin: The vitamin B and equal portions of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids found in bee pollen attribute to healthy, clear skin. If wrinkles or pimples are getting you down, a pollen supplement could be your solution.

There are plenty of more benefits to be acquired from bee pollen as a natural supplement – these are some of the highly renowned ones to keep in mind when shopping for bee pollen or a different product.


So, do all bee pollen products have the same nutritional content? The answer is somewhat complicated – more often than not, a supplement simply made from pollen contains a substantial amount of these different nutrients, but the way a supplement is produced can dictate a few things.

For one, bee pollen that is harvested from an environment exhibiting high levels of pollution and a substantial amount of human disturbance is not ideal to use in the creation of a supplement. The bee product we consume from Allison’s Apiaries Bee Pollen is made from bee pollen that is obtained from Florida, which is one of the more highly renowned countries in the world in terms of environmentally friendly qualities. A product like this is more likely to yield more nutrition.

Secondly, the process that bee pollen undergoes during preservation is considerably important as well. Some other bee pollen products are heat-dried, which is a poor method to employ because it greatly compromises nutritional content and can lead to spoilage.

While nearly all bee pollen supplements are rich in nutrition, the above factors are vital things to consider. Allison’s Apiaries Bee Pollen’s Pollen Energy is freeze-dried during preservation, further making it the more optimal choice for someone looking to add bee pollen to their diet.

If you would like to learn more about the bee pollen products we personally use daily, you can visit Allison’s Apiaries Bee Pollen’s website where they have a generous amount of natural health information available to the public.


Why soak bee pollen before consuming it? 

Have you ever wondered why doctors and other health experts recommend you to soak bee pollen before its intake? Well, there’s an important reason behind it. Read below to find more.

Before we go into the details, let us start with an introduction to bee pollen. In very simple terms, bee pollen is actually the food collected by the bees.

And the reason why bee pollen supplements are so popular as a dietary supplement is because they contain almost all the vitamins and minerals that are known to man, in addition to a large number of essential amino and fatty acids.

As a matter of fact, many scientists and health experts believe that bee pollen is a ‘super-food, that is, it contains everything that is required by the human body to live in a healthy state. Furthermore, bee pollen also has a host of other advantages that can benefit the body in an overall manner.

The maximum number of benefits is offered by raw bee pollen which is freeze-dried. Since the pollen contains all the nutrients in this form, it is for this reason that doctors recommend you to soak bee pollen the night before its consumption.

When you soak bee pollen for quite some time, you’re actually making the minerals and vitamins all the more bio-available.

The many benefits of bee pollen

Now that you already know that bee pollen is of immense importance when it comes to maintaining your overall health, let us discuss some of the numerous advantages that these supplements have to offer when used daily.

•          Boosts your energy – This is probably one of the most primary reasons that attract people towards consuming this dietary supplement. It is quite natural for any of us to tire while performing our regular duties every day, and this also leaves us wanting a supplement that will meet the daily energy requirements of our body. Scientists recommend the use of bee pollen supplements to give you that required boost of energy. Additionally, these supplements also significantly improve your speed, stamina, and endurance, enabling you to perform your duties properly and efficiently.

•          Strengthens your immune system – Since bee pollen is an extremely rich source of anti-oxidants, it provides additional support to the immune system in the body in fighting against the damage caused by free radicals. Furthermore, bee pollen also contains vitamins A, C, E, selenium, and beta-carotene, and this can reduce your signs of skin-aging considerably.

•          Possesses life-extending properties – Studies have also revealed that people who are in contact with bee pollen or other bee products tend to have a longer life in comparison to people who don’t. Several cases have led to the popular belief that consumption of bee pollen on an everyday basis increases your life span and that too in a healthy manner.

The best source of bee pollen

Though several brands manufacture bee pollen supplements, the supplement that is made of pollen obtained from Florida is indisputably the best one.

Florida is considered to be a pristine source of bee pollen since the country is not affected at all by pollution. In addition to this, the pollen harvested in Florida does not involve the use of any harmful pesticides or fertilizers, traces of which are usually found in pollen obtained from other countries.

Most of the health experts recommend using bee pollen supplements made by Allison’s Apiaries Bee Pollen. The bee pollen from the manufacturer of these supplements comes from Florida, and therefore is the best.

Furthermore, a significant advantage of using the bee supplement from Allison’s Apiaries Bee Pollen is that in this case, you do not need to soak bee pollen at all. The company employs a special method of manufacturing, which makes the pollens more digestible. (This is precisely why these supplements offer more benefits to the user.)


What is Texas bee pollen?

Bee pollen supplements that are manufactured in Texas are usually referred to as Texas bee pollen supplements. Also, there are quite a few bee farms in the area that specialize in harvesting pollen that is used in the manufacture of these pollen supplements, thus given the name Texas bee pollen.

However, it has been found that there are some major health risks associated with the consumption of bee pollen harvested in this area. The article here focuses on this, while also describing why the consumption of bee pollen from cleaner sources is recommended and encouraged.

Why do health experts recommend the consumption of clean bee pollen?

Bee pollen is the only complete found on the Earth. This means that bee pollen contains all the known vitamins, minerals, amino and fatty acids that are required for the healthy living of a human being. Additionally, it has also been found that no other substance on the Earth contains as many nutrients as can be found in these pollens.

Bee pollen supplements that are made from high-quality pollens collected from cleaner sources are known to contain all these nutrients in the purest form, that is, without any contamination or toxic materials.

Furthermore, consumption of bee pollen supplements that are made from the best quality pollens also ensures that you, as a user, do not get negatively affected by these contaminants.

Where can I find the best bee pollen?

As you must have already concluded, the best bee pollen is harvested in areas that are actually free from pollution. This makes Florida the only place in the world to produce excellent quality pollen.

Florida, as we all know, is probably the only place in the world that remains free from all forms of pollution. This gives the bees there a chance to roam around freely, collecting only pollens that are good in quality and excellent for our health.

Why should I prefer Florida bee pollen over Texas bee pollen?

When the pollens obtained from Texas were closely examined and tested, the results found were rather disturbing. The pollens were known to contain:

•          Dangerous levels of lead

•          Harmful toxins

•          Certain harmful chemicals

•          Traces of insecticides, pesticides, and fertilizers

•          Impurities associated with polluted air and water

Countries that are industrially highly developed, such as China, are also known to be highly polluted. This means that the flora and fauna there suffer from the ill effects of pollution.

On the other hand, pollen harvested in Florida does not involve any use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and thus the process is completely natural. This is one of the major reasons why the best bee pollen supplements are made in Florida.

Our recommended bee pollen supplement

We have been using Allison’s Apiaries Bee Pollen Pollen Energy for a long time, and recommend it to everyone who is looking to attain good health. Made from the very best pollens that are obtained from Florida, the manufacturers of this bee pollen supplement employ pioneering manufacturing techniques that make the capsules even more digestible and nutritious.

In contrast to Texas bee pollen, the use of our featured Allison’s Apiaries Bee Pollen supplement has been classified as absolutely safe for human consumption, even regularly.

The company also follows the strictest guidelines laid down by various drug administering agencies from around the world in the manufacturing process of these supplements, ensuring that you get the safest supplements.


The popularity of natural bee pollen has increased substantially over the years. This is because it is one of the only health supplements that have multiple types of nutrients, ranging from vitamins to minerals. Here, you can learn more about the nutrients found in bee pollen and how you can benefit from them.

– Vitamins: Bee pollen contains all of the essential vitamins. With provitamin A, you can expect to enjoy enhanced vision; vitamin B can help increase the speed of your metabolism; vitamin C is reputable for strengthening the immune system – the list goes on and on!

– Minerals: All kinds of minerals can be found in bee pollen as well. Zinc can ignite brain excitability, thus increasing your learning potential; calcium attributes to strong bones and teeth; potassium is essential for the proper functioning of bodily organs, and iron can help fight off infection.

– Proteins and enzymes: natural bee pollen also exhibits a strong amount of proteins and enzymes. Proteins are important for the repairing of muscles and tissues, especially after exercise. Enzymes can attribute to the prevention of inflammation and the healing of physical wounds.


The benefits of organic bee pollen are very enticing, but you mustn’t make the mistake of taking the wrong supplement. The quality of bee pollen is ultimately dictated by environmental factors and preservation methods, so doing a little bit of research before shopping is absolutely essential. Here’s how it works:

Pollen is originally harvested by bees – they obtain it from flowers. Humans then use advanced technology to acquire the pollen from the legs of these bees as they are passing through their hives. Think about it – if a heavily polluted environment can cause the bees to exhibit disease, then how healthy can the pollen we acquire from them possibly be? This concept is irrefutable and must be taken into careful consideration.

Also, preservation methods are just as important as environmental factors. When pollen is stored before being made into a supplement, it must be freeze-dried. If it is not, then its nutritional ingredients can become compromised and dangerous for your diet. Suppliers that choose to heat-dry their bee pollen are potentially risking the good health of consumers.


Thankfully, plenty of research has been done to find the right bee pollen supplement. Health experts are currently agreeing on a specific product named Allison’s Apiaries Bee Pollen. This supplement is made from bee pollen that exhibits some incredible nutritional content.

Allison’s Apiaries Bee Pollen harvests its pollen from the nearly pollution-free country of Florida and also freeze-dries it before converting it into supplement form. These two attributes on their own indicate that Pollen Energy is potentially the highest quality bee pollen supplement available.

If you feel like you could benefit from taking organic bee pollen daily, you can find more information about how to move forward by visiting the Allison’s Apiaries Bee website here.


Organic bee pollen granules are popularly known to be among the most nutritious foods that can be found on the face of the Earth. The numerous advantages of regular consumption of organic bee pollen have made it the number one choice by health experts.

And therefore, this comes with no surprise that the organic bee pollen granules are very similar in their effect to raw bee pollen. The best organic bee pollen granules are harvested in nearly pollution-free places.

Most of the time, these manufacturing facilities are located in areas that are the size of large farms, and also have minimal population. This ensures that the organic bee pollen granules thus made can offer the customer the highest possible quality of nutrients.

Scientists and health experts unanimously vote for organic bee pollen granules to be the ultimate food since they contain all the nutrients needed to sustain a healthy life.

A very interesting thing that should be pointed out here is that these organic bee pollen granules are also known sources of vitamin B12. This is quite significant since the vitamin is usually elusive in nature.


The bee pollen granules can simply be understood as the pollen that is collected by honey bees and then mixed with nectar and bee saliva.

Specially designed pollen traps are placed at the rear entrance to the hives to collect almost 60% of the matter that the bees bring with them.

To create these organic granules, the worker bees inject the bee pollen with a special enzyme blend after they have collected the pollen.

This blend, when mixed with nectar that is attached to the legs and body of the bees, finally creates the organic bee pollen granules.

Another significant point that requires mentioning here is that no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides are used in any part of the process of creating organic bee pollen granules. To ensure that you are buying an excellent quality bee pollen supplement, always check the source of the pollen.

Organic bee pollen granules from Florida are considered to be the best quality bee pollen in the world.


Due to the immense health-benefiting potential of these granules that is also associated with minimal side effects, health experts recommend using an organic bee pollen supplement daily.

The market is full of a large variety of bee pollen supplements, and it depends on you to make a wise choice. Some products contain large amounts of indigestible husks.

So to get the maximum benefits from the organic bee pollen supplement that you buy, you must choose one that is manufactured by a reputable company.


Stakich bee pollen 

Bee pollen has been known as the most beneficial food nature can offer us. With the large quantities of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and a complete source of protein that it contains, there is no other food that is considered to be as complete as bee pollen.

For people who cannot get raw bee pollen, it is also available in the form of supplements. Furthermore, these pollen supplements are also ideal for regular use.

Stakich Bee pollen is similar to Spanish bee pollen, which has the advantage of being harvested in Spain. As is popularly known, the country has a vast abundance of high flowers, which allow the harvesting of excellent quality pollen.

Difference between Stakich bee pollen and Florida bee pollen

Although Stakich bee pollen is a powerful form of bee pollen supplement, bee pollen that comes from Florida is still considered to be the best in the world.

The reason – the country is still untouched by any form of pollution, and thus it allows the bees to roam around freely and collect pollen from a wide variety of flowers.

Furthermore, the harvesting of pollen done here in Florida does not involve any use of fertilizers or harmful pesticides, keeping the complete process totally natural.

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, Florida bee pollen has been known to be a lot more beneficial than any other pollen found in the world.

Scientific research has shown that whereas pollen obtained from other countries offers a potency of 5%, pollen collected from Florida offers 95% more potency. This is quite a difference, right?

Some advantages of consuming bee pollen

Research has also shown that bee pollen supplements are completely safe for consumption even regularly. As a matter of fact, health experts recommend the use of bee pollen supplements regularly because of the large number of benefits that it provides for the overall body.

And it is due to this very reason that it becomes fairly impossible to list all the benefits that are provided by these bee pollen supplements.

Given below are only some advantages of using bee pollen supplements every day:

• Significantly increases the amount of energy in your body (this is also why most professional athletes are advised to consume pollen supplements).

• Strengthens your immune system, thus keeping you safe from several ailments and diseases. This is done by increasing the number of red and white blood cells in the body.

• Regular use of bee pollen also reduces the signs of skin aging and brings back your youthful and glowing skin.

• Bee pollen has also been found to contain life-extending properties, though it is not yet scientifically proven.

Unconfirmed reports also suggest that bee pollen also possesses anti-cancer properties, and can be used to fight against early stages of cancer, while also inhibiting the development of tumors.

Where to buy the best bee pollen?

Buying the best bee pollen is also as important as choosing the right supplement. Supplements that come from highly industrial and technologically developing countries such as China have been found to contain large amounts of toxic materials.

This is why health experts prefer the consumption of pollen supplements that come from Florida. Supplements manufactured here are known to be among the purest and also the most powerful in the world.


Vivapura bee pollen is one of the brands that manufacture bee pollen supplements. The brand claims to be using the best bee pollen, although they do not mention the source from where the pollen has been obtained.

This does lead to some confusion about the authenticity of the source.

Now, since the source of the pollens plays a very important role in the benefits that are provided by them, it becomes quite difficult to rely completely on the safety of Vivapura bee pollen.


Bee pollen is harvested in many areas of the world, and also in highly industrial regions such as China. However, there are some dangers associated with the consumption of bee pollen supplements manufactured using these pollens.

Since the flowers and the pollens themselves are very sensitive to the environment, they tend to absorb the contaminants present in the atmosphere. This leads to very high toxic content in the pollens harvested in such areas.

Furthermore, most of the pollen supplements that are imported from these countries have been found to contain very high levels of chemical insecticides and pollutants, which could later lead to serious ailments.

Therefore, it is best to avoid these supplements and instead opt for those that are manufactured using excellent quality bee pollen.


Quite a lot of us wonder about what could be the best source of bee pollen. Now, as has been already mentioned, flowers are very sensitive to their environment. This obviously means that pollens harvested in cleaner areas will be safe and also more beneficial to the body.

Florida is known to be the only country in the world that has not yet been affected by any form of pollution. Also, there are several reasons why bee pollen from Florida is considered to be the best. These are:

• A pollution-free environment that prevails all over the country

• Almost zero rate of industries in Florida

• Their completely natural methods of harvesting (no use of chemicals insecticides or pesticides)

• Minimal population of the country

All these, and also some other environmental factors contribute to make it the best source of bee pollen.


Now that you are aware of the differences between bee pollen obtained from clean and unclean sources, it is easy for you to realize the dangers that are associated with the consumption of bee pollen from unclean sources.

• Risks of side-effects is increased with the consumption of supplements made from unclean bee pollen

• The supplements contain toxic materials which could damage the immune and also the digestive system of the body

• Although bee pollen is relatively safe, the consumption of impure bee pollen could pose serious risks to the health of pregnant women

• Such supplements can also be a cause of allergies and other ailments


Among all the bee pollen supplements that are available in the market today, Allison’s Apiaries Natural Energy is probably the most popular and also the safest one. This is mainly because the pollens used in the manufacture of these supplements are obtained from pristine sources in Florida, thus ensuring its safety.

In contrast to Vivapura bee pollen, the pollens used in Natural Energy are harvested without the use of any chemical fertilizers that may cause harm to the body. The company employs further scientific methods in the preparation of these supplements which make them even more easily digestible, eventually providing greater potency.

Click here to learn more about this product that we strongly recommend, after having used it for the past decade with fantastic results.


Before you consider shopping for bee pollen, you should know that there are many differences between Forever Living Bee Pollen and its alternatives. A couple of possible unfortunate issues may interest you in seeking other options. Natural health experts around the world are currently stressing two very important factors. Those are: a healthy environment and proper preservation are key to a quality bee pollen product.


You can’t expect a bee pollen supplement to benefit you if it is made from pollen that comes from an unclean environment. High pollution levels, human industries, wildlife exhibiting disease and illness – all these types of interference play a collective role in diminishing the nutritional content of bee pollen. (The bees and flowers that make pollen available to humans must be able to flourish naturally.)

Products like Forever Living Bee Pollen do contain plenty of nutrients. However, there are other supplements out there that are produced in more environmentally-friendly regions, making them the better options.


All bee pollen that is used to create health supplements must undergo the process of preservation. The method applied during storage inevitably sets a supplement’s ‘cap’ in terms of ultimate nutritional quality.

Heat-drying is a bad idea because it diminishes nutritional content. This is on a large scale and can just as well spoil the ingredients found in bee pollen. The method of freeze-drying is far more superior in terms of retaining ingredients and extending future shelf life.


Bee pollen is an amazing product of nature that yields an undeniably vast amount of health benefits. But it is important to remember that there are underlying factors that can ultimately make one supplement better than another. For that reason alone, you might as well get the best deal possible if you’re going to spend money.

The integrity that a company exhibits when producing health supplements is extremely vital and health experts will never recommend settling for less.

You can pay a visit to Allison’s Apiaries Bee Pollen’s natural health website where they have a great deal of information detailing the important differences in grades of bee pollen and why most other contemporary supplements just won’t cut it. Doesn’t your health deserve the best?


Buying health supplements online is easy and convenient. But before you buy bee pollen online, there are a few key facts that you need to know.

First, the basics – this all-natural substance has a lot of nutritional value, as it is packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients such as proteins and carbohydrates.

Some supplements, however, are made with low-quality raw materials and do not deliver on the promises that high-quality bee pollen products make.

How do some manufacturers get from good quality bee pollen to a low-quality product?

There are several contributing factors, but the two key ones are:

•          poor environment;

•          poor treatment and preservation.

Both of these are important, so let’s look at them in a little more detail.

– a poor environment will yield poor bee pollen. Bee pollen is simply harvested from bees, who collect it from flowers occurring naturally in the countryside. What is food for the bees then becomes a food supplement for humans, using advanced techniques to siphon off some of the bee pollen as the bees move through the hives.

So, the health of the bees, the flowers, and the pollution in the air that they travel through will all play a part in the quality of the final product.

Any pollution or toxins that result from human activity will have an effect on the ecosystem that produces the followers, and the bees. So, when you choose to buy bee pollen online, you must make sure that you select a product range that comes with good credentials, and avoid buying one that contains bee pollen harvested from a low-quality environment.

– poor treatment and preservation. Bee pollen needs to be preserved so that it can be turned into a product. There are two options for preserving a natural ingredient – freeze it or cook/heat it. Freezing it is good, as it locks in the nutrients; cooking and heating is bad, as it will destroy some of the key ingredients at the same time, and yield a low-quality raw material.

Freeze drying makes the bee pollen more stable, for longer, and without destroying any of the nutritional components of the pollen. It gives a long shelf life, which lets the consumer keep it for longer, giving better value for money.


Although it might seem complicated to choose from all the available products, it’s actually quite easy, as scientists and natural health food experts have done the research for you. They’ve come to the conclusion that Allison’s Apiaries Bee Pollen’s Pollen Energy product is the best value – high quality, from a good environment, and treated using best practices.

So, where does it come from? The raw bee pollen comes from Florida, which has impeccable green credentials. It is unpolluted, and free of harmful toxins, making any raw materials that originate there naturally high in nutrients.

Allison’s Apiaries harvests the clean pollen and turns it into products that will leave you feeling healthy and full of energy, thanks to the heady mix of vitamins, minerals, and raw energy.

There are also many pages of information available on Allison’s Apiaries Bee Pollen site, so that you can do your own research and decide which bee pollen product to buy for your own lifestyle.



Bee pollen supplements have been increasing in popularity. They have many health benefits, but with so many on the market, it can be hard to choose between them.

Florida has become a very popular producer of this amazing super-food.

As such, many companies sell products based on Florida bee pollen. But they may not have been correctly harvested, preserved, and stored, so the consumer must be educated on the differences.

This article concentrates on answering two key questions:

•          What makes bee pollen from Florida so remarkable?

•          How can I be sure that the that I want to buy is of high quality?

The aim is to educate you so that you can make up your own mind which product to buy, and which ones to avoid.


There are several kinds of bee products on the market, and some are of better quality than others. Some have just jumped on the bandwagon and purchased low-quality pollen to add to existing products. Whereas others have taken care to source their pollen properly and prepare it according to best practices.

Best practices dictate that:

  • Bee pollen should be naturally harvested in a country or region that has very low levels of pollution and toxins in the environment: toxins must be removed, but the heat treatment that does this will also cook out some of the naturally occurring nutrients, lowering the quality.
  • It needs to be freeze-dried, thereby keeping the valuable nutrients locked in. Heat treating the raw material will remove nutrients. And, while efficient, will lower the quality, making for a lower quality supplement.

As a consumer, you want value for money and a guarantee that the raw materials have not been exposed to harmful substances. Spending money on products that are tainted, or have a low shelf life, or do not contain 100% natural ingredients is not something any of us are happy with.


Florida is one of the least polluted places on the planet. Bee pollen from Florida comes from bees that have flown in clean air, harvesting pollen from flowers that grow naturally in the countryside. 

This makes it very high quality, and to retain that quality. Allison’s Apiaries Bee Pollen is committed to a harvesting process that retains all of the nutrients. This leads to a high-quality 100% natural supplement.

In fact, research and feedback collected by Allison’s Apiaries Bee Pollen show that their Pollen Energy product is so good that they stand above the competition, and deliver all of the key health benefits associated with this remarkable food.

Allison’s Apiaries Bee Pollen harvest bee pollen in Florida. Then they pack and preserve the pollen in a cool environment, taking every precaution to ensure that the nutritional value is not harmed in any way.

To understand what the main benefits are, have a read through Allison’s Apiaries Bee Pollen’s Bee Pollen Guide that will tell you everything you need to know about Florida bee pollen nutritional supplements, and how to choose the best one for your own lifestyle!


Bee pollen supplements are a great way to get some vital nutrients into your body and help promote a healthy immune system and reduce weight gain. In fact, it is accepted that bee pollen is one of those rare nutritional superfoods that are almost complete in the vitamins, minerals, and valuable amino acids that they provide.

However, like many other healthy foods, not all supplements are created equal. Part of the issue is how they are collected, treated, and stored.

Natural bee pollen stands out because the drying process locks in the nutrients in a way that regular heat-treatment preservation does not.

Why Natural Bee Pollen?

For example:

•          heat treatment causes deterioration of some ingredients and the removal of others;

•          heat-treated bee pollen will likely taste a lot worse;

•          long storage times; freeze-drying removes water, meaning that the bee pollen will not degrade over time.

So, natural bee pollen offers advantages over other pollen supplements, so which brand of bee pollen is the best?

There are two things to look at – the environment that the bee pollen comes from, and the care taken by the manufacturer to harvest the raw product, and then preserve it before sending it off to be turned into a supplement product.

Bee pollen comes from flowers and is transported by bees, and so the flowers and bees both have to be as healthy as possible. And that means an environment that is low on toxins, and not polluted by industry.


The best bee pollen comes from unpolluted places, such as Florida, where toxins are rare, and won’t be passed on to humans through the collection of bee pollen. Many nutritional supplements come from raw materials that are harvested in Florida and are widely accepted to be amongst the highest quality in the world.

To keep that goodness in, the manufacturer should freeze-dry the raw product as near the collection point as possible. Like Allison’s Apiaries, Bee Pollen does.

Their natural product, Allison’s Apiaries Bee Pollen has received wide acclaim from the health food industry and is as pure and natural a product as you will find.

Allison’s Apiaries Bee Pollen has an excellent reputation in collecting and preserving raw products from the natural world and building excellent nutritional supplements from nature’s bounty.

They also have a lot of information about natural bee pollen and the various products that they make from it, on their website.

It’s well worth a look, to see the number of ailments that bee pollen products can help with, along with the scientific research that backs it up.



Have you heard of bee pollen capsules zi xiu tang? If you’ve done your research, you’ve likely seen it toted as a popular weight loss cure.

However, like many fad diets, there is more to this product than it seems, and much of it is disappointing. Here are a few reasons why you should consider other bee pollen products when it comes to this product.


When it comes to finding the right bee pollen for you, there are certain things you should keep a sharp eye out for. This includes the list of ingredients as well as the percentage of those ingredients.

Many companies, bee pollen capsules zi xiu tang included, only contain a small percentage of this substance. The rest consists of either additives and fillers or cheap laxatives. Despite this, many will display their products like bee pollen weight loss aids.

Worse still, their manufacturing process isn’t the best. Many companies prefer to use inferior forms of bee pollen, which don’t provide you with as many benefits as natural bee pollen.

On top of this, they’re also notoriously difficult to digest, which means what little bee pollen you do get ends up passing through your body unused.

Another thing to consider is the location in which bee pollen capsules zi xiu tang are grown. It makes sense that the more populated a region is, the more likely it is that the bee pollen will end up contaminated simply from everyday pollutants from the air, water, and soil it’s grown in.

Considering that this product is harvested and manufactured in China, it should come as no surprise that it likely contains more harsh chemicals and other harmful substances than bee pollen harvested elsewhere.


Fortunately, there is one company called Allison’s Apiaries that is renowned for producing the highest quality bee pollen capsules. Not only do their capsules contain significant amounts of this amazing superfood, but they also have helpful synergistic enzymes that make the capsules as effective as they can be.

By investing in Allison’s Apiaries Bee Pollen’s Allison’s Apiaries Bee Pollen, you are doing more than just ensuring that you are getting the ingredients you paid for. Their bee pollen is also harvested in Florida. More importantly, this island is so secluded that typical pollutants found in China aren’t found in supplements manufactured there. Pristine and well-tended, their bee pollen is among the most potent.

Furthermore, Allison’s Apiaries Bee Pollen’s innovative manufacturing process is unique among other companies in that it actually locks in vitamins and minerals rather than takes them away. Many manufacturers expose their bee pollen to heat, which results in nutrient loss.

However, by freeze-drying this substance, they can swiftly preserve and protect their supplement, resulting in fresh, powerfully effective capsules.

Best of all, natural bee pollen has been proven to be the easiest to digest. This means that not only will you get the most out of this amazing superfood, but you’ll also be able to enjoy its effects for much longer.

Learn more about why the pollen we use ourselves is the perfect alternative to bee pollen capsules zi xiu tang. In the long run, you’ll be glad you invested in a supplement that actually contributes toward bettering your health and increasing your energy.


Bee Pollen Granules 

Bee pollen granules are very beneficial to one’s health. It is a powerhouse of nutrients that no single superfood can ever come close to.

You can survive a lifetime without food, as long as you have bee pollen.

How is this possible?

Because studies have shown that bee pollen contains all the necessary nutrients to maintain a healthy human life.


Bee pollen granules contain every essential nutrient required to keep a man alive and healthy. 

Specifically, it contains 40% protein, 22 free amino acids, mono, and polyunsaturated fats, vitamins A, B complex, C, D, and E, carotene, rutin, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, iron, magnesium, digestive enzymes, other natural elements and more.

Aside from these, bee pollen also contains trace amounts of natural allergens from flowers, bee saliva, and bee venom.


Immune System – The immune system is enhanced. Certain kinds of cancers are prevented. The pandemic colds and flu won’t get the upper hand. Even poisons and toxins are neutralized.

Reproductive System – Studies verified bee pollen’s ability to improve sexual health. Men with prostate problems benefit greatly from the product.

It helps increase sex drive and overall sexual performance by boosting levels of libido. Bee pollen increases sperm count, motility, and viability. It also protects egg cells produced by the ovaries.

Endocrine System – The secretion of beneficial hormones is increased by bee pollen. This results in heightened physiologic functioning. This showed increased metabolism, better energy consumption, improved intellectual functioning, faster cellular proliferation, better healing, regulated blood sugar, and many more.

It also regulates mood, keeps us happy and away from stress and exhaustion.

More Benefits of Bee Pollen Granules

Digestive System – Bee pollen encourages gastric activity. Hunger is also suppressed. Dietary fats, carbohydrates, proteins, and other nutrients are better metabolized with bee pollen.

Nervous System – Increased alertness, concentration, memory, and enhanced brain activity. Bee pollen contains the necessary nutrients to protect the nerves and augment functioning.

Cardiovascular System – Cardiovascular diseases are prevented by decreasing the amount of overall cholesterol, especially LDL cholesterol (the bad one).

The vessels are coated, thereby protecting them from damage. Even vegetative dystonia symptoms are controlled.

Skeletal System – Bee pollen granules contain the necessary minerals to keep bones, teeth, hair, and nails strong and healthy.

Muscular System – Bee pollen contains 40% protein and 22 amino acids. These are necessary for building muscles and wound healing.

Urinary System – Rutin is a diuretic. This helps flush out extra water from the body to decrease weight and eliminate toxins.

Integumentary System. The skin’s health is improved by preventing catabolic effects of stress, toxins, pollution, and the like. It helps keep the skin fuller, more radiant, and younger.

Respiratory System – It helps by strengthening this system and lessens the symptoms of an allergic reaction related to respiration. Athletes also found it to enhance oxygen consumption and increase lung expansion.


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