Are Beehives Dangerous?

A beehive is a home for honey bees.  One healthy, strong hive can have up to 60,000 honey bees living in it.  Honey bees will protect their hive if animals or other insects try and attack the hive.  

May predators love the taste of honey, (e.g., racoons, skunks, bears, etc.).  When the predators attack a bee hive, the bees will fly toward the dark colors on the animal, (i.e., eyes, ears, nose, mouth) because the bees can make them leave the hive area much sooner if they sting these areas.  

Insects that attack the hive will be stung and then removed from the hive.  Therefore, if you are going to be near a beehive it is best to wear light colored clothing.  

Bees will “ping” you by running into you when you are too close to a hive.  If the bees ping you, slowly back away from the beehive.  Do NOT swing at the bees or they are more likely to sting you.  Honey bees are calm and docile insects.  

As long as you don’t throw things at a beehive, or bang on a beehive they are less likely to come after you.  Honey bees will protect their homes as I am sure all of us would do.  If you stay a safe distance from a beehive you can enjoy the buzzing sound the honey bees produce as they work for the hive.

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