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Sweet Reviews

People love honey from Allisons’ Apiaries! Check out our sweet reviews.

My orange blossom honey is tucked away in the cupboard as a special treat. It has been great with tea on those sore throat days. Nick K.

Found them at the Winter Garden farmers market. The orange blossom honey is fabulous! Lynn T.

The best honey for my cheese and crackers. The party was a success because of the honey! Debbie K.

Purchased for the first time today the Orange Blossom Blackberry. Awesome! Mitch G.

Delicious Florida Honey

Allisons’ Apiaries honey is natural, raw, uncooked, and unfiltered. This delectably sweet honey is cultivated and bottled in Florida. We sell it locally at farmer’s markets and also ship it all over the world. Our bees harvest sweet nectar from the best orange blossoms and wildflowers in Central Florida.

Florida Bee Byproducts

Allisons’ Apiaries produces and sells honey bee products such as beeswax, propolis, and pollen. These natural outcomes of bee honey production are useful as allergy treatments, natural cosmetics additives, skin balms, and protective healing salves.

What Are the Uses of Honey?

Besides a food sweetener, what is honey good for? Dr. Mercola says that there are many benefits of raw, local honey that include but are not limited to allergy relief, boosting energy levels, as a cough medicine, as a scalp treatment, and treating wounds. The medicinal properties of honey are well-known and are as ancient as human history.


Allisons’ Apiaries honey has many uses to improve your health. Check out what these happy customers say.

My husband has really bad allergies and with a quick chat with Paul, he recommended a particular type of Honey called Wild Flower and boy has it helped my husband stop all his sneezing and watery eyes. Paul is a wealth of knowledge and such a sweet person. Thanks, Paul Allison for the honey. We will be buying a ton more honey from you. Thanks again! Lori

We moved to Minneola from Tallahassee in March of 2017. My daughter and I have been on allergy medication for years for airborne allergies. We decided to try local honey, which we read might ease our allergy symptoms, and found Allisons’ Apiaries at the Winter Garden Farmers’ Market. I am very happy to report that after 1 week of 2 teaspoons a day of their honey, my daughter and I are off allergy medications! And the honey tastes great! Kathi

What makes Allisons’ Apiaries honey better than everyone else’s?

We don’t mean to brag, but our honey is the best you will ever taste. Want to know why?

  • We are your beekeepers! From start to finish, we know exactly where your honey has been and can guarantee that it’s pure, local, raw and unprocessed.
  • We keep it local. All of our honey comes from Central Florida — our bees have access to a variety of flowers from which they gather nectar and pollen. Especially if you live in Central Florida, our honey can help reduce allergy symptoms due to local plant species.
  • Our honey is never heated or micro-filtered. Those processes destroy the benefits found in raw honey, so we don’t use them.
  • We keep our bees safe. As we pull honey, extract it, and bottle it, our insect friends aren’t harmed in any way.

We’ve got hundreds of repeat customers who know just how health-promoting and flavorful our raw honey is. Try it and see for yourself!